Skateaway Academy

In 2022 the Skateaway Academy was opened to introduce training sessions for competitive ice skaters with the aim of creating a structured training program using group lessons on and off the ice.


The aim of the program is to train competitive skaters in a productive and positive environment encouraging good training methods. The academy sessions will always begin with basic skating exercies to improve skating skills. The sessions then move onto Jump or Dance specific classes, followed by spin and steps classes.


Following the on ice program the skaters then move to the off ice studio where they work on conditioning, flexibilty, jumps, choreography, performance and dance.

The skaters also have classroom sessions to learn the rules, watch videos, video feedback & PDF feedback.


All of the sessions on and off ice are assessed weekly and adapted to continue with the skaters development through the season.




To create a happy and positive training environment where skaters make friends, train together and produce results!!




The academy has been running for less than a year and the first half of 2023 has been extremely busy with lots of open competitions in free & dance for the academy. Our skaters have achieved some fabulous results and test passes over the last 6 months (checkout our instragram @skateawayuk for all the results). All of these warm up competitions and test passes are to prepare our skaters for championship events.


The first championship event was the British Solo Ice Dance Championships in July. Seven skaters from our academy qualified and five of those skaters achieved top 3 places. Two placed first becoming British Champions.

These conversion rates are certainly what any coach dreams of and it didn't seem possible less than a year ago, so firstly congratulations to the skaters for the hard work and secondly thank you to all the coaches that work with us on and off the ice.


NEW SEASON -July 2023


The new season has already begun and we now are currently preparing for tests and competitions for our young free skaters. The ice dancers are now finding music and thinking about choreography. Many of them will also be preparing for tests to ensure they can qualify for the next championships.



Applications for the Academy


If you would like to apply for a place on the academy, or train with the academy at our camp in Austria please email



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